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(no subject)

I'm battling with myself and my desire for instant gratification. I'm getting a bonus from work and I want to spend it all. In fact, there are a lot of things I've been saving for that I could outright purchase if I spent the money. But my better sense tells me that the most efficient use of the money is to pay off one of the cars as insurance against getting laid off. Getting rid of one large payment a month means its easier to live on one salary, if it comes to that.

So I've compromised. I've splurged and paid for next seasons opera tickets. And I'll use the rest to pay off a large chunk of the car. But let me tell you, if I get a job soon, things will change...

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It doesn't sound like you're battling anymore. You've drafted a treaty to end the struggle. Hopefully both sides remain content with their share.

Nope. They're not playing nice. It's the Cold War inside my head.

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