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(no subject)

Both of my aquariums have gone berserk. Last night, this fact nearly sent me into a frenzy. The 29 gallon has decided to become covered in algae. It had a pleco in with the goldfish. But at some mysterious time it died. I know this because I found the skull in the tank. Yuck. So then the hubby came home with snails that ate the live plants and not the algae. So I took them back and was promised that a whiptail catfish would be available on Friday. It wasn't. So now my tank is just all icky. The promised when I called yesterday they'd have them this Friday. I'm not holding my breath.

The other tank is tiny and has the goldfish who can't seem to stop trying to commit suicide by eating air. I can't stick him in the other tank because they think he's dead and try to eat him. And since his tank was covered in algae, I stuck a snail in there. Everything was fine until I discovered that he has ich. So now I'm treating his ich and setting up a larger tank to get him someplace safe.

But argh! All at once, everything goes berserk!

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Uh...what is ich?

Is it a German thing?
Is it contagious?

It's a fish disease. And yes, its' contagious. And pretty gross to look at.

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