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(no subject)

I keep meaning to write about the whole Valentines celebration, but now it seems so long ago. The funny part is that I can never remember holidays or special dates - they're all lost on me. Sure, my brain might remember that th 14th of February is coming up but I really have no idea that it symbolizes anything special that might require forethought. At least, I can never remember until it's too late.

I think it might be a symptom of my self-involvement. Unless something impacts me directly I tend not to notice.In fact, sometimes I don't even notice when it does impact me directly. I tend to forget things like my birthday because it's not really relevant to whatever else is going on in my head. In fact, if someone were to ask how old I am, I wouldn't be able to say without counting.

I guess what this really amounts to is an excuse for being lazy.