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Hair Identity

Last night I had about 6 inches of hair chopped off. Getting my hair cut is always a traumatic experience for me. It's not the haircut itself, but rather the results that I dread. Maybe that's why I don't get it done as often as I ought. Whatever the reason, its been about 6 months since the last cut.

As always, right off the bat I hate it. It's too short. It always takes me several days to get used to seeing a different hairstyle, so I expected this reaction. Unfortunately, this time I think its going to stick around. My hair is in this weird in-between length that I hate. Neither I nor my stylist anticipated the amount of bounce that would result from the loss of weight in my hair. This length reminds me of all the horrible awkward times in my life - 8th grade, trying to find myself in my first apartment... So this haircut brings back all sorts of horrible memories and insecurity.

Now I need to decide if I'm going to wait for it to grow out or make it even shorter.

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Hey, I chopped my hair too. But I did it myself because I have a fit whenever anyone else cuts it. I'm never happy with it, so I'd rather be unhappy for free and have only myself to blame.

I'm sure your hair is fine. You always think your hair looks bad when it's shorter than 3 feet long, but it never does. Just comfort yourself with the knowledge that you never had an afro!

Tomorrow, I'll be the judge of your hair-do. And I can always trim it iffen you want! You want I should give you a chop? Heh. That didn't turn out so terrible last time. Or did it? I can't remember. Too many shots of tequila between then and now.

You're funny. I currently have the haircut I was trying to avoid by chopping it even shorter than I did and getting sick of it. This is that horrible growing-it-out stage.

And there's never enough tequila.

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