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Nnote to self

No more saying fantastic for at least a month. Also, fabulous is not an acceptable substitute.

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What about stupendous? Or Tremendous? Or you could go all artsy and start saying it in french - fantastique (read: fan-tast-eek). Then you'll really annoy the shit out of yourself. . .

I think at this point, anything resembling fantiastic will get me smacked. By myself if no one else. Talk about overusing something...

I know - but part of me wants to see you go uber-irritating and go around saying it with a french accent. It may be enough overkill to get you to cease altogether. ;-}

I doubt it. I get crazy about word like this about once every three months or so. But I think I'll pull out the accent for the fun of it. :)

You know what the obvious solution is, don't you? Fantabulous. ;)

I think that's the word that got me in this mess to begin with. I blame you! :)

I take full responsibility. I do use all three far more often than I should. "Terrific" is another that I use too much. My new favorite is "splendiferous."

See, now I'm going to catch that one and drive myself nuts again. Favorite words are evil. By the time I notice I'm using it a lot everyone around me is already insane!

Lately I've tried to force myself to rotate through a series of favorites. Fantastic, fabulous, fantabulous, marvelous, spectacular, splendiferous, and terrific are at the top of the list. I imagine my friends and coworkers are sick to death of every last one of them. You'd think I'd occasionally say something like "good," wouldn't you?

Sure, good would be nice. I was using "great" until I felt like the guy from Office Space, then I had to stop. I was creeping myself out.

"Yeeeaaah. That'd be greeeeeaaaaaat." Eew. I could see where going all Lumberg would freak you out.

Oooh, then I could sound stuck in the 70's. That would be fun!

I use "Super" all the time. I also revert to "Spectacular" when I'm truely enraged.

Wait. Spectacular and enraged? How does that work?


"Man, the modem Comcast gave us in August resets itself every time you load a single webpage! This sucks!"

Replace this with: "Our modem is crashing again. Spectacular."

How about fancy? I find it throws people off when I use the word fancy like that. By people, I mean adolescents. And I guess they're thrown off by pretty much everything I do, so nevermind.

But I will attest to the insanity caused by your FANtastic repetitions this weekend.

Piping! That's the other thing you told me to add to my story!!!

How are you going to work it in?

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