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Last weekend was wonderful - I was finally relaxed on Sunday night. Saturday was horrible - I spent 9 hours at work on a conference call as an "expert" depsite the fact that the person who was supposed to be an expert was there. He's completely incompetent. In fact, I'm still pretty frustrated with that. But Saturday night was fun - scrapbooking and gossiping with friends is always good. I didn't get to drink very much due to the doses of ibuprofin needed to get rid of phone-neck but that wasn't really a loss. Got a couple of pages done despite the serious apaty about actually doing scrapbooking. I even stayed out very, very late.

So Sunday, I slept in until about noon. It's going to kill me for the rest of the week, but I was exhausted so it felt really good. I watched a couple of movies, ate some leftover Thai and generally slacked. That night I got all dolled up to go out with thx42 for dinner at Andaluca and swing dancing. Dinner was ok, the seafood was seriously overcooked. But the dancing and coming to terms with this haricut was great. I was so cute, I even made him take pictures before we left. It's all about the durling iron I guess.

Sunday, the hubby got home from his gaming and we did a lot of housework. Still more to do today, but then that's the nature of housework. We were even able to go out and grab him the rest of his gear for the motorcycle class. The place we went to was open on Monday (it's a miracle!) and they even had the bike I want in stock in a color I love. It's insane. Then we were off to pygma_lion's for dinner and writing. I managed to write myself into a corner (I swear, every time I write this happens!) but I got out by being patient. I even got 5 pages out of the deal.

Today is more writing and transplanting. I was supposed to go out for lunch, but that's been moved due to unforseen circumstances. I really should do a photo spread of the living things in this house. It's getting out of hand with all the plants and fish and cats and people. Maybe later this week when I'm tired and can't think of anything else to do.