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Killer Tea

I love Market Spice tea. It smells great and is just the right sweetness for early morning consumption. Yesterday I didn't have a mug to put it in so I headed in to the kitchen to grab a styrofoam cup. (It turns out that I left my steel-lined mug somewhere and it was tossed since it was creepy. I'll never leave my mug by the drinking fountain again.)

I plunked my teabag into the cup and filled it with hot water. On the way back to my desk, I noticed that my finger was really hot. And wet. Seems my cup had sprung a leak. So I grabbed another to put outside it and contain the leak and wandered back. After a few minutes, I figured if the leak were sizeable at all, it would fill the outer cup and make a mess. So I picked up the inner cup and let the leak go. It was pretty fast, but I got tired of holding the cup so I poured the water into the second cup.

Then I looked at the first cup. The styrofoam had been eaten away by the tea. There were scary chunks missing. I presume this is why my cup sprang a leak in the first place. I dumped the tea, not wanting to actually drink melted styrofoam. Today I have a steel mug and killer tea.

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Try stirring it with a plastic spoon and see what happens!!

Well, I read the warning label today. It says:
Caution: Citrus Oils react with plastic. Please do not store in or use plastic utensils with this tea.

Ha! Warning labels are for conformists!

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