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(no subject)

Things to do today:

  • Turn in vacation form

  • Call recruiter

  • Make appt for monkey at the vet

  • Write!

  • Avoid going insane due to lack of coworkers

  • Call RMC for Marauder tune up

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Vacation where?
Good luck!
Regular checkup or something wrong?
Me too!
Where did they all go?

Taking the day before my birthday off. For fun.
Her yeasty ear needs to be rechecked.
Scheduled vacation and sick time = me shorthanded.

Cool! Whatcha gonna do?
You're welcome!
Maybe you should stop using her skull to bake bread.
Put your tongue back in your head.
But at least it's more quiet...right?

Relax, go to the opera, maybe buy a motorcycle or lumber for the workbench we're making.

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