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(no subject)

I had a horrific nightmare last night. It started out innocently enough, I lived in California and was driving around, slowly heading north to visit my family in Seattle. When I got up to visit them, Mom dragged my brother and I off to the store. I was carrying looking at the diapers for her new baby when I ran into some people I knew from high school who asked if I was pregnant.

From then out out, it got really weird. My brother was collared by bounty hunters to be taken in for extradition to wherever he'd committed crimes. The bounty hunters were people we knew and he had been friends with but had fallen on hard times and were really seedy. So they dragged him off in a car and I rode along. My brother was driving and decided to go someplace quiet and remote to try to talk them out of taking him in. But these guys were getting all worked up and violent. I kept trying to confince him to just go to the police station where we'd be safe, but he wouldn't listen. I even used the promise of sex with one of the guys to try and keep them from hurting us. It didn't work.

We ended up stopping in the middle of nowhere and they started beating my brother. I ran from house to hous trying to find a phone in the yard to call the police. I finally found one that worked and was on the phone with the police when I heard a shot and saw the struggles in the distance. The fight came closer and the gun was dropped in the struggle to control it. I grabbed it and pointed it at our attackers. I shouted in the phone that I was going to kill some people if they didn't get someone out right away. It was then that I noticed the fighting was mostly over and my brother had been shot through the chin - the bullet had gone clear through from one side to the other and left round holes and ragged flesh. I yelled for an amulance into the phone and they said it would take an hour.

The suddenly I was in a baseball stadium on the diamond with the mayor and a cop who was also John Travolta. I pointed the gun at the mayor and told the 911 dispatcher that I was holding the mayor hostage until the ambulance got there. The mayor was shaking pretty hard and went pale. He started rubbing his left arm. I told the dispather that the mayor was having a heart attack.

Then John Travolta sat down on a metal folding chair and steepled his fingers. He said that there was a call for me on the headset and I needed to pick it up. So I lifted the huge headset (like the things that the football coaches wear) and someone named George was on the line. His voice was quiet and controlled. And supremely evil. He told me that he'd turned my brother in to these bounty hunters. I asked him why he wanted my brother to die. He said that all people should die and he was going to the moon and bombing us all. But until that point he was going to cause what havoc he could on Earth.

With George's voice in my ears, I woke up. I was scared to death. I had to lay on my back until I could bear to go to sleep again because I was afraid someone would sneak up on me and try to kill me.

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Great googly moogly!

You and your dreams. If someone's not getting gut-shot, someone else is getting shot through the chin. Or destroying the world. Or steepling their fingers.

YEah, it was really weird threatening to shoot children and the mayor.

Well, maybe it would be weird for someone else. But that's normal behavior for your dreams.

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