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(no subject)

I think I go nusto at work because I don't have a real in-person support system here. I always hold my coworkers at arms length, mostly because I don't want to be their friends. I'm very selective in sharing information about myself (how's that for a contradiction?) and most of my coworkers bug me. I wouldn't choose to be friends with them if I met them on the street, why should I be overly freindly just because I work with them?

I love LJ, but it doesn't have that instantaneous action that face-to-face interactions have. There's not enough privacy to make a phone call to share important news and I certainly can't interrupt a meeting. So I end up getting all worked up about something that should be easy to handle. I'm just not any good with secrets or news.

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I have the same situation here. I definitely don't want to be friends with any of the people here...they're all hormone-addled adolescents ("in the very real and legally binding sense"). And it's not like I can just leave or make a phone call ever.

Do you have some uber-big news or something? Dude, I just spelled news two different ways before I figured out the real way. For the record, nuse and nooze aren't correct.

Not really, just wondering why I was all spazzo for about an hour.

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