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Modified Friday Five

I don't normally do this, but these were good. Thanks wyliekat.

1. What magical ability do you wish you had?

Flying. Definitley. It would be so wonderful to go fast and above everyone else. Oooh, the possibilities.

2. Why you think humans are/are not capable of anything that would be considered a magical power (TK, mindreading, remote viewing, etc.)?

The nature of the definition of magic. It's something extraordinary and not seen in real life. Some of the things we can do are magical, but they're ordinary so they get overlooked. If we could have those abilities, they wouldn't be magic anymore.

3. If you were a person living in the 1700s and you saw an example of today's technology, which one would frighten you most?

The phone. Some inanimate object ringing and talking at me would scare my pants off.

4. Do you think ancient civiliations had any magical powers?

Nope. No faith here.

5. Have you ever seen anyone do anything seemed more like actual magic than like an illusion?

Never. It's all smoke and mirrors, man.