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(no subject)

Yesterday was the worst working day I've ever had. IT was worse than being laid off. I spent all day angry because people in this company act like asses to cover theirs and refuse to do their own work. I refuse to play the middleman because people are to ignorant or lazy to do their own jobs. To top it off, I showed up to a meeting that couldn't take place because the participants were all out of the office. No on had bothered to let me know, even though they had enough time to scrawl a note and stick it on the door. So angry.

I dragged a coworker out for food and beer to calm down and was sane enough to drive by the time I was ready to go home. Got home and crashed on the couch, reading to reduce stress. I fell asleep just as my husband got home. He was nice enough to cook dinner and as I walked in to the kitched to grab my plate, I kept going and burst into tears. I sobbed into his shoulder for a minute, surprising both of us. But I feel much better after the crying and good nights sleep. Still, people can go fuck themselves if they think I'm going out of my way to do anything at work today.

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Thank you. I just feel better already with the re-impantation of my spine. :)

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