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(no subject)

My stomach is sensitive to onions. I hate this with a passion. People put onions in everything, I'm constantly picking around them in dishes. I always forget to have them left off my hamburgers so I'm in restaurants pulling them out of my meal with my fingers. I love it when my fingers are covered in condiments, really.

Yesterday, I thought "Maybe I'm less sensitive to them now. I can eat dehydrated onions. I can eat sauteed onions. What about raw in small quantities?" Yeah, that was a good plan. Today I feel like someone's doing a tango in my gut. It's great.

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I had a friend who started out with a mild stomach irritation whenever she ate broccoli or anything from that family. Allergies apparently get worse as you get older and for her, it got to the point that if she so much as took a nibble from a brussel sprout, she'd be in the hospital with intense stomach problems.

That sounds truly horrible. I'm very sorry to hear that she's unable to eat a whole family of foods. I guess I should count my lucky stars that it's just the raw onions that give me fits.

What did you eat that had dehydrated, sauteed, and raw onions??

The broccoli slaw had raw onions in it.

Ah. That would explain it.

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