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(no subject)

I ahd a fantastic, restrul, productive weekend. I wish it could have extended into today. But alas, I've got my first real meeting with my manager this afternoon, so no hooky for me.

Friday was a watch movies until you can't stand it anymore then play Xbox kind of night. I fell asleep during the last movie and had to go upstairs and crash hard. But the husband and I got in some serious cuddle time for the time I was awake.

After 12 hours of sleeping (Yes, I've been sleep deprived for 2 years. What do you want?) we got up and managed to work in the yard in the scorching sun. Well, scorching is relative. It was mid 70s and it's April. So that qualifies. We filled the yard waste bin and planted most of the bulbs that have been hanging out in the garage. We even went to the store and picked up a pry bar (the yard is full of huge rocks) and a push broom. As of now, the yard looks better than it has since I bought the place. I got a touch overheated and we had to hide in the house for the rest of the day. More movies and Xbox ensued.

Sunday we cleaned inside the house a bit. I tossed a bunch of clothes and cleaned out the closet a bit. Then we headed over to pygma_lion's where we drank and ate for hours. The dog was too tired to play much, so we just sat around and waited for the smoker to finish while drinking beer. Her husband makes the best rubs I've ever had. The ribs, the potatos. It was all great. Of course, if I'd had more than 2 strips of bacon and a bit of broccoli salad, the booze wouldn't have made me feel sick. But apparrently I hid it well enough that no one knew. And the food was just in time to stave off real illness. The sunburn on my arm and face is going to turn to tan in the next 2 days or so, so I have a head start on avoiding burning in Tahoe...

However, I feel incredibly sick right now. I think I'm going to go grab some food and see if I can't head it off.