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(no subject)

Working from home today. It's beautiful outside and at some point I'm going out there to read my training material. Especially since I'm in a serious down swing. But in the meantime, I'm getting smothered by the cat. If I sit in front of the computer, he's in my lap. If I'm on the couch reading, he's all over me. Right now, he's smashed his head into my chest. I might have to go outside just to get some air without fur in it.

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Awwwww. Is the squishy orange ball of fluff bullying you?

Awwww. Whimper whimper. Poor grown woman being pestered by a little kitty. Well, a big kitty, but still...

I think big is an understatement. He's *huge*!

Try getting anything done with a slobbering, hyperactive, maniacal dog in your face. Oh wait, you have tried that. HA!

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