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Tired. Plus, Ow.

I'm exhausted today. I think weeks of nice weather made me do too much and now that we've returned to our regularly scheduled overcast I have no energy left. Last weekend was really, really busy.

Friday I telecommuted and convinced pygma_lion and her husband to come over for a BBQ dinner. We too their dog for two really long walks and wore her out for the rest of the weekend.

Satruday was a wedding followed by rockin' bowling. Catholic weddings are fun, I felt like I was the mole in a game of whack-a-mole. There were lots of coworkers I knew, so I managed to make myself really nervous and uncomfortable. These people were out of their proper context, and I don't handle that very well. Then we were off the a friends to meet before heading to the bowling alley. Off we went to bowl, but we were too early. So we got stuck in the lounge listening to karaoke for 2 hours until they opened the lanes. Of course, I hurt myself bowling. I only ripped off one fingernail, but my leg and arm are still sore. After that, we went to a party where I got to see zannah. I never see her anymore. Too much life getting in the way, I guess. We were up until 3 AM having fun and inspecting the "haunted" house.

Sunday was serious sleeping in. This was followed by typing up my story and heading over to pygma_lion's house for dinner. We took the dog for a walk after dinner and ended up tromping through the woods. There was no path, so we tripped and stumbled our way along with the dog trying to drag pygma_lion to a position face down in the dirt. She didn't manage to get knocked down, although the dog did trip me and I just missed whacking my head on a log. It was fun, even if there was serious gimping due to the strained muscle.

But the "ow" didn't come until Monday. After going to tai chi and straining all the muscles that were left I came home and laid on the bed with my legs dangling over the edge. I was shouting about how tired I was, trying to be loud enough to lay on the bed and still talk to my husband who was making dinner in the kitchen. In comes a giant cat, leaping up onto my leg and using it as a launching pad to aim for my head. Seems he was romping through the house and I was in the way of his regularly scheduled path. I screeched and used my tai chi skill to bat him off trajectory so he missed my head entirely. He did manage to gouge my leg, arm and stomach on the way through though.

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Did you ward-left him? Or crane's-beak? Or...um...that's all I can remember.

Yeah, I'm still picking pine needles and bits of fern and dirt out of the pockets of the jacket I was wearing when the dog so adroitly landed you on your arse. Good stuff. Meanwhile, you weren't the one stuck on the mossy log with a leash trying to pull your arm out of the socket.

And you forgot about the HUGE house on the tiny lot. Two living rooms, rec room, two master bedrooms, and a walk-in closet the size of my entire upstairs. Crazy. Oh, and the lady who gave us the stink-face for being in an unfinished house with a dog who is obviously dirtying up the plywood floors.

Next time, let's take the path, okay?

If there's a path, I'll take it. Maybe. Since I didn't get any bruises, I'm feeling adventurous.

I think it was a ward left, considering the wounds on the outside of my right arm. Weird.

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