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(no subject)

I think there's too much pollen in the air. I've awakened the last few mornings with a sore throat and a bit of a leftover stuffy nose. It's pretty gross. Well, gross isn't the right word. More annoying. I don't want to get sick, I have too much to do. So we'll call it pollen and be done.

The husband and I are going to be working on things for the house all weekend (when did I get old?). And we've just committed to repainting our bedroom so that its not a blinding yellow. I'm hoping to cinvince him that when we're done it needs new flooring too. I hate the grey carpet. It's horrible. I'm hoping that in working on one room at a time we won't get overwhelmed. Especially with all the work that needs to be done outside.

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I think there's a super high pollen count lately, because it's been so dry... Lots of people have been having allergy issues that don't normally, it seems.

That makes sense. But really, I'm not having a making-sense kind of day. So, I discount your theory. :)

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