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My husband and I were listening to the radio over the weekend and a commercial for Troy came on. I went into fits because they were talking about how Brad Pitt was starring as Achilles. Give me a break, the story's not really about Achilles. Anyway, my husband couldn't remember the story, so I retold it for him in short form. Like anything could be longer than the Iliad.

But while I was explaining the story and making all the connections and telling him about the history and the oral tradition and such it occurred to me that I love to do that. I love to take a story I know and appreciate and turn it into something other people can understand and enjoy.

Unfortunately, I can't think of a way to make my love of storytelling into a paying job. I'm trying desperately to write a book, but it's so much harder. I'm writing on a page, for one thing. There's no instant knowledge that I've connected with someone and they're actually appreciating what I'm giving them. And there's certainly no feedback that I've lost them in the telling. I just want to be a bard. Is that so wrong?

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the story's not really about Achilles

Well, if they're focusing on Achilles' role in the Trojan War, then the story really is about Achilles. I'm sure they're not going to tackle the entire Iliad in two hours, so they might as well focus on the juicy stuff -- the super warrior and the steamy romance.

I'm not trying to be contrary. Just offering a different perspective. I'm actually looking forward to the movie. Of course, I love all the actors in it, so that helps. If Mel Gibson were playing Menelaus I'd be set.

Yeah, it just bugs me that they take one tiny part and make it the focus. Isn't 3 goddesses warring steamy enough? What about Hector? What about Paris and Helen? Eh, Hollywood.

I guess I'd be more excited if Brad Pitt didn't bug me so much.

Well, they're taking the historical viewpoint, not the mythological one. And Hector is Eric Bana, isn't he? And Paris and Helen's love affair seems to be a huge focus. Maybe you just saw a bad preview.

I'm going to see it tonight, so I'll let you know.

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