savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Friday Five (wyliekat style)

1) What is the wildest weather/natural disaster you've ever lived through?

I have to go with the earthquake of what was it, 2000? Buildings collapsing and the chaos that followed was insane. Not too scary because I was at home at the time, but things are still being rebuilt.

2) What natural disaster stands out in your mind as the worst in your lifetime and why?

The earthquake in Iran last December. Cause Chernobyl wasn't natural.

3) What's your favorite sort of dramatic weather?

I love rainstorms where the rain pounds so hard on the roof you can hear it. I also like to watch snow fall, though I hate snow on the ground. And lightning blazing across the sky is always fun. So basically I can't choose.

4) What do you like the least about your particular environment, weather-wise?

I hate the tendency for the low pressure zone to suck in the pollution and keep it around. That's the only thing I can think of that I'd change. Probably why I still live here.

5) If you had to choose between a climate that was too hot half the year or too cold, which would it be?

Too cold, definitely. I love sweaters. And you can hide from the cold indoors, but when it's hot and sticky. Yuck. That's just not fun.
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