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So I've been meaning to post all weekend. I didn't though. Because I was lazy. Wonderfully, joyously lazy. Except for that bit where I was busy. But I digress.

Friday I left work early as they kidnapped my computer so I might be able to get work done in the future. I let my husband know that he needed to take a different bus and went home and baked in the sun with a good book. It was great. Then my husband called to say he was on his way home, headed toward the stop where I normally pick him up. This would have been fine, had I been at work. Instead I got to drive into traffic to pick him up on the other side of town. And then drive back home through town. Because of course there was no bu to bring him home. Stupid transit system.

Anyway, I got a new betta out of that deal. He's a gorgeous fish too. But yes, the price of inconveniencing me is a new fish. A $2 fish at that. I can't remember what else went on Friday as apparently I passed out or lost my brain or something. This is what happens when I wait too long to post. In fact, I was trying to remember last night when I'd got the fish, which was how I remembered the whole story. So sad.

Saturday was laziness, configuring Quicken for my Mac so I could do bills and stuff while my husband swiped his computer and took off for a LAN party. After playing with Quicken, I plopped down on the couch and became a vegetable. I don't think I did much else between then and jumping up to get ready for the opera. Preparation involved dinner at BoneFish Grill downtown (the are really good with seafood!) The opera was... so so. I enjoyed the last act most. But I really hate sitting next to the guy with serious gas issues. I swear, he's the reason that the little old lady on his other side left at the beginning of the third act.

Sunday? I slept in, played with the kitties and drank beer. Practiced my tai chi a bit, but that was as active as it got. I couldn't bring the new fish tank stand upstairs by myself, so I gave up on putting that together. I really enjoyed the day though. And I feel a lot better about being at work when I really enjoyed my weekend.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that work yesterday was fun. We went for lunch after a couple of short meetings and my coworker ordered 3 lemon drops - one for each of us. We had to drink them. It was imperative! So lunch turned into one huge fit of laughing. Which continued all afternoon. It was great.

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Man, you could get away with anything if you bribed me with bettas. I can't believe nobody's caught on to this yet. I envy you.

I'm going to have to take a picture of mine. He's gorgeous, but he's a big fat chicken. Scared of his reflection even. But absolutely gorgeous when he flares.

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