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(no subject)

My back is going insane. I spent Sunday morning doing yardwork and tewaked it just enough to make me insane. Every time I twist just wrong it hurts. And it seems that I twist just wrong on a fairly regular basis.

But the yard needed a ton of work. I've been wanting to completely redo it for the last two years. I wanted to tear up all the grass in the back and put in plants and a stone courtyard. Saturday, it finally occurred to me that this isn't going to happen. We're not going to be in the house long enough to enjoy the Herculean effort it would take to get it done. In fact, we might not even be there long enough to get the work done, much less enjoy it.

So with much sadness, we're back in maintenance mode. But at least we're making progress. For the last 3 weeks we've filled the yard waste bin with weeds and clippings from overgrown plants. It's starting to look really nice. But we won't be putting in the sod for the back yard until the fall - just to make sure that it will take the first time around. There's so much to do in the meantime, I'm sure that we don't realize how soon it will be here.