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Prep work

We're painting the bedroom this weekend, so last night was my night for preparing things. At least, some stuff so that the rest of hte prep work goes smoothly Friday night. First was a run to get the paint and supplies. That was a pain, but faster than I expexted. I even used some of that unallocated work time in a useful way.

Then after getting home, and while my husband cooked dinner (I love that he does that), I moved stuff around. Emptied half the closet in the spare bedroom and moved stuff from our closet in. I'm taking my time doing this because I don't want to do it again. I want to put things where they'll stay if its at all possible. I dont think it will work for everything, but the majority of our stuff should go that way.

I also put together the aquarium stand thats been in a box for over a month. It's conveniently also a bookshelf, so after putting tha aquarium on it and freeing up the table, I moved books into it. It holds all the cooking and gardening books perfectly. That also left 2 complete shelves empty which will help the emptying-the-closet effort. Especially since the cats don't eat books anymore.

That took all night. And lefte me tired this morning. Good thing I'm going drinking after work!