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Flyday Fyve via wyliekat

If you had all the money in the world . . .

1) What would be the first three places you'd visit and why?
China, definitely. I've always wanted to see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Brazil somewhere, no I take that back. Chile to see the Incan ruins. I love ruins. Then off to Ireland.

2) What would be the first change you'd make in your own life?
I would quit my job. In a heartbeat.

3) What would be the first change you'd make in someone else's life?
I would offer to buy my mom a car that doesn't hurt her knees.

4) So you've decided to become a lifelong student - what sort of courses would you take?
History, philosophy, art. The science classes are fun, but designed to weed out people. Just too hard to do anything other than study.

5) Where would you make your second home?
Someplace I'd want an excuse to visit often. Probably China or Thailand. An excellent reason to learn the language.

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You obviously were not in any of my classes.

I like science. I hate the way they taught it. I really like the labs and cementing the ideas in my head. Yes, I'm a loser.

I like science, too, but I have never found a class or teacher that made it interesting. Especially in college. Maybe that was because it was held in the sixth circle of hell and Dr. Beelzebub was a jerk.

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