savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Busy bees

Last night was empty and prep the room for painting night. I'll take a picture and post it later, since the husband is still asleep next to my computer. We had to sleep in the spare bedroom on the secondary matress. This room also serves as my office so I've co-opted his computer for something to do before I just into the priming. There are only a few things left to do to get the room ready to go; I didn't want to move the old dresser out last night because it was wet and we would surely have slipped on our way to the garage with it.

I'm excited to get this done. The super-shiny lemon yellow room was really getting on my nerves. And if we get the priming done early, we can go get the clamps for the workbench and check out new closet solutions, since we're getting an amoir to replace the old Ikea dresser.
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