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I'm sitting here in the office pretending to work. I say pretending, because really I'm listening to an idiot in the hallway try to re-establish his cell phone connection by repeatedly shouting the person's name. We're now up to 15 times he's said "Steven." I'm seriously tempted to go out and thwap him, particularly since he's holding the elevator door open to continue this conversation that no longer exists, and holding the door results in the elevator bonging.

Oh good, he's stopped. Must have finally given up. I suspect that will be the most interesting thing that happens today. Traffic was so light coming in to work I almost had myself convinced it was Saturday. This also means that no one is in the office. So my plan of leaving early is intact. This is good.

I'm sitting here trying to drink my decaf black tea, but it's assaulting me every time I put some in my mouth. It's bitter and hot and is making my stomach sour. However, I'm afraid to tamper with it since I have no idea whether or not putting some creamer in it will make it any better. Will that spare me the bitterness but leave the flavor or just make it an undrinkable mess? Ah, if only this were simple. But it's Friday, and that makes everything complicated.
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