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I'm feeling extremely antsy today. I have nothing to do - again. It's like there's a vortex of boredom following me around. I think this is largely due to the fact that I have no incentive to train on anything to fill the times when my projects are slow. There is no incentive for me to learn more about this job. My brain is entirely caught up in working on the house, weeding the yard, managing my personal finances.

I want to go home and paint and remodel and put up all of my art. I want to work part time at something I care even a little about. Maybe that's the problem. I don't care about my job. It doesn't mean anything to me. And it doesn't mean anything to anyone else either. It's nearly extraneous. I don't really need to do something that would change the world. I just want to do something that means something to me. Where I get to check the little boxes that mean I've accomplished something with my day other than endless meetings.