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Peace time

My house looks like a war zone. Well, not really. And that's not a fair analogy. But it's a heck of a mess. Things are strewn about, plants are everywhere, there are computer parts and pieces of furniture. There are even bags of manure/compust outside. And it's raining. What a day.

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It is early, and I read that as, "Manure/compost are strewn about, plants everywhere".

I need more caffiene.

I can understand how that would be scary. How was the dentist?

The dentist was also scary. He poked me with pointy things.

I have to go back next week to get a permanent filling put in where I currently have a temporary one. Bleh.

On the plus side, he gave me a scrip for Lorzepam (I spelled that wrong) so that I would not be so tense for our appointment. Which is definitely good.

At least he cares. Nice dentists are hard to come by.

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