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Here's the picture of me dressed like my mother in her prom dress:

Also, picures of the painting process. It's just the first half, I haven't actually taken pictures of the final product. I will today. My favorite:

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That's a whole lotta yellow!

And I think we all have to call you Peggy Sue now.

Yeah, cause that'll stick.

I hadn't realized it was so much yellow. All in one post!

Have you found a picture of your mom in that dress? That would be interesting.

Not yet. I'm afraid to approach her pictures. They're a horrible mess. I finally got her to let me put them in boxes so they'd stack in the closet.

I thought you were de-yellowing the yellow room. Or were you de-blueing the blue room? I forget.

Re-yellowing. Different shade. And that's a before picture.

That's a super cute pic of you! Except... did you use the dress to buy the paint for the room? *g*

It looks like it doesn't it? I hadn't realized I was such a fan of yellow.

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