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Boredom is better

This version of boring job is so much better than the last version of boring job that it's not even funny. I no longer have stress. I'm not grinding my teeth. I sleep at night, normal hours even. I have a social life. Well, mostly. Sometimes I forget to stop and count my blessings. They are many and varied today.

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That's how I feel. I get bored from time to time in my current job, but the stress level is poles and leaps and light years away from the old job.

BTW, I didn't get round to commenting on that dress, but you looked great!

Thanks. It's still fun to play dress-up. :)

I'm glad that I remembered to take stock of where I am. I've been pretty whiny all week and now I'm just happy. Ahhh, the wonders of comparative thinking.

I think comparative has it's own pitfalls - reminds me of "Desiderata" . . . something about not comparing yourself to others because it will make you vain and bitter. . .

But yes - when comparing you now to you then - it's a wonderful instrument for reminding yourself that you're actually making advances. Some days, its pretty easy to feel like it's just the same old squeaky hamster wheel of life. . .

Yes. I also have to watch out for not putting up with something just because it's better than the last circumstance. But sometimes, it's just the shock I need.

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