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Flyday Fyve

Okay, so it's your birthday....

1) What season is it?
Early spring - raining and gloomy. With sunbreaks.

2) Where are two places you would like to go?
Taiwan and Ireland. But realistically? I'd like to go out to a fantastic dinner somewhere I've never been and to a Dudley Manlove show.

3) What are three things you would like to do?
How is this different? Anyway. Dance, drink and laugh.

4) What are four thing you would like?
I never wait for my birthday to get things. I pretty much buy them as I see them. So let's go conceptual. A president I can admire. Progress toward global religious tolerance. Motivation to exercize. Freedom from materialism.

5) And finally, who are five people you want to be with?
Only 5? I don't think I can answer this one. There are a bunch of people in my life that I love. But if I were able to pick any five from history, I would want to see a whole different list. I would want to experience the charisma of Hitler to better undertand how he could hold sway over a nation. I'd want to meet Ghandi so I could understand his passion and compassion. I would want to meet Elizabeth I and ask her how she coped with her sudden ascention. I would want to meet Shakespeare and ask him how he got the motivation and inspiration to write. And I would want to meet Jesus.
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