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Final look

Took pictures of the beroom last night to complete the album. The artwork isn't up yet, and there's still a bit of hand-me-down furniture in there. But I don't want to buy a bedroom set for this tiny house. This is my favorite shot:

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Very, very beautiful.

I love that piece of furniture. I have no idea why.

antique-y and savannah like. . .

That must be it. I really should live in New Orleans. My style just doesn't fit with the modern stuff up here.

Will you post pictures of your bathroom remodel when it's done? I'm dying to know how it turns out.

I surely will, though it will only be a miraculous transformation compared to what it once was - in reality, it's just going to look like a functional bathroom, But yes, I will post photos.

Functional bathrooms are the best. Especially if they have clever storage space.

Erm. Really, really functional? (which is to say, sans clever storage?)

The truth is, we just want this to be a basic bathroom - if it was going to be for part of the house we were living in, it would be different. But as it sits, I'm really po'd that our tenants are going to have a nicer, newer bathroom than we have. . .

Think of it as a practise run for your new bathroom. That'll make it a little easier.

Is that the yellow room?? It looks great! Very toned down.

Yep. The not-so-yellow-anymore room. I like it very much.

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