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Definitely not Italy

I was talking with my husband about politics today. I think it was prompted by a silly bit on the radio and the W and his inability to speak coherently in public. My husband asked what I thought about the Kerry/Edwards ticket. Of course, I can't just give him a straight answer. It was something along the lines of "they're psychopaths." So we started talking about the way that the political system ensures that only a certain type of crazy people would want to be politicians at that level.

Seriously, who in their right mind would want to subject themselves and their family to that level of scrutiny? I make bad, mean, sarcastic comments all the time. They would come back to nail me if I were to run for office. In fact, someone probably has a record of every horrible cranky email I've written somewhere. Wouldn't that be a joy? I'd love to have all those thrown back in my face.

Anyway. Then I went on a rant about how I have to vote for Nader even though he makes my insides curl up. See, this state is solidly Democratic. It's a beautiful thing really. There are more people on the west half, and they're Dems, so the poor Republicans on the east side get shafted. Cause our democracy is like that. But that means that I don't have to worry about what will get sent to the electoral college. So I can vote for Nader and try to get the 2 dominant parties to realize that maybe it's not such a closed system after all. 2 part monopolies lead to abuses by both parties in the "least of two evils" land we live in. Don't get me wrong, I think Italy with their billion party system is a little over the top. But that's preferable to this virtual monopoly we've got here. My sole goal in voting for President this election will be to get another party represented.

So the end of the conversation was a little more lighthearted. We laughed about the insanity of politicians in general and their bizarre antics. All this despite the fact that when we get into a new house, I'll probably try to get on the city counsel or something. Yep, I'm insane.

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this state is solidly Democratic

Only seattle and vacinity is. The rest of the state I think is more republican.

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