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Silly people

After working late last night, I went and picked my husband up from his office and we went off to dinner. I had wonderful scallops and portabella ravioli at Atlas. My husband ordered salmon but ended up with halibut instead. My martini was incredibly sour, which was good and bad at the same time. And of course I forgot to tell them to leave out the onions in my salad. Some day I will remember it. Really.

The best part of the meal was while we were eating the blackberry cobbler and I'd become so full I was going to pop. I started poking my husband in the neck from across the table and saying in a low robotic voice "eeeeat the dessert." He started laughing and just kept going until he had to take off his glasses and wipe his eyes. Then I had to make fun of him weeping at the table. And I started laughing. Because there's just no way to keep your voice low when someone is crying with laughter. Truly, it was hard to keep up the act at all. I swear, the poor waitress thought we'd gone nuts, but we were having a great time. It was good to laugh that hard.
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