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(no subject)

I am tired, worn out from making so many decisions all at once. I started with the semi-manageable task of attempting to fix up the house and yard. In a reasonable time frame. Then I had serious job instability dumped on me, so I'm looking to change careers. I've been meaning to look into it for a while, but now seems to be the right time. Meantime, the minor remodeling inside our house exploded into a deal where an inspector and major construction was required.

So I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I'm trying to take these tasks one piece at a time, scaling back where necessary to get things manageable and coherent. I've canceled the fireplace remodel, we're just going to replacing the superficial hearth bits after we repaint. We're still going to refloor nearly the whole house, but we're doing that ourselves with expert help in the form of my brother (who just did his house). I'm scaling back the plans for the yard, trying to cut the cost from $8k to $3k. It will mean more yard work ourselves, but the hard part will be done by the contractors.

I'm still feeling overwhelmed though. It's all too much too soon with too little to show for it. I just want it to be over with. Preferably before it makes me cry.