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(no subject)

My husband is planning to apply for a job in another state. If in fact he does apply, he is likely to get the job. He has a friend on the inside who'll help him get in. I want to be really supportive of him, and if he wants the job encourage him. At the same time, it's stressing me out. It kind of puts everything on hold until he either gets it or not. I don't really want to paint the house twice, or make lots of expensive changes if we'll be moving soon. Because if he gets it, we're moving. I won't stay here and do a job I don't care about. I can move and do that.

All of a sudden I'm in the Bermuda triangle of change and trying hard to keep my bearings. I guess I just have to keep going with the things I know to be true and worry about the rest when it becomes urgent.

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M'god, girl - I so know that particular brand of limbo. . .

Yeah, when he started doing it I was thinking "wow, chezwylie and I really *do* lead similar lives!"

It's darn-near freaky, somedays.

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