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One of my coworkers/friends informed me today that he thought I grew up on the east coast, in Connecticut or something. He had this impression for 3 reasons:

  1. I use a saucer with my teacup (The one I purchased as an all-in-one deal that came with a saucer. But I use them with my coffee cups to keep from dripping all over the place.)

  2. I'm subtly arrogant
  3. I'm intellectual with a dash of mysticism

While I am all of those things, I don't associate them with a specific location. Maybe a heritage, but I didn't get most of those from my family. I've developed them over the years as part of my personality. Some were more expensive than others. But I'm certainly not an English transplant.

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It means you're Canadian, baby! ;-}

(But yeah - it's odd to decide that personalities grow in certain locations only. I mean, there's a level of similarity, but to peg you that way is kinda funny)

He's a funny guy. I could see classifying someone's origins on their choice of vocabulary (soda vs pop for example), but really. On using a saucer? It was really good for a laugh.

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