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(no subject)

What a morning. I'm tired, but not exhausted. And I'm a dork. I hate surprises of all sorts. They throw everything off. I like to make and adjust plans, I don't want to have changes forced on me. But I'm a weenie like that. So when my husband declared that he will probably have to work all weekend for the next two weeks, it threw my brain into a fit. I had to adjust all my plans and wrap my brain around needing to do it all myself. It wasn't hard, or even a big deal. It was just enough of a monkeywrench that I had to adjust.

What a creature of habit I am. I think the challenge I need to work on before I turn 30 (not much time left!) is to not have this sort of thing throw me so badly. Maybe that's why I plan stuff to death. I don't like change I'm not controlling.