savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Breaking the Fast

The hard drive comes today. I am very excited about this little bit of fortune, as my linux server has been down for entirely too long. I hadn't realized how much I'd come to rely upon it until I could no longer use it. Isn't that a wonderful metaphor for life in general? The good things, the simple life altering moments, slip right past without any recognitions until their results are taken away. And I realize this because I've had one computer taken away.

What had started out as a way to save $10/month (do I spend that much on electricity for the thing? I hope not) had turned into a way to communicate with my husband, simplify our finances, add social events to his calendar through game hosting, and let me plan my days and projects with clarity. I miss it. But I wasn't able to just munge something together to get it up and running quickly - frankly I still don't know what the heck all those hackers did to it to make it theirs. So we're taking the safe road and installing a new OS on a new hard drive and only moving the data files. The config files will have to be validated before they get converted over. But I can tell you, this time around, I'm installing Tripwire and configuring it to watch everything.

But this adds one more project to a list that's already overloaded. We're working every weekend on something for the house - the workbench, reflooring and painting, landscaping, and now setting up the server so I can keep track of it all. Somehow it feels like it will never end. Maybe that's because we've been working on the workbench since March and talking about the flooring and painting for 6 months. Some day I want to mark one of these things done.
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