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I am an idiot. This is not exactly news, but then again, the reason I'm writing that is that I had a beer at lunch. It was wonderufl and killed my head and neckaches. But now I'm going to be all spacey for my meeting in a hour. This doesn't bother me so much as it ought. But the head and neck pain was really getting on my nerves. And now that I'm back at the office, it's coming back. It's been constand since my last physical therapy appointment.

Oh, I didn't mention that? I'm in therapy to get my scoliosis fixed. Permanently. I'm seeing a postural reconstructionist and a masseuse. In fact, this is the first week I've hurt more than just the pain of severly abused muscles during my appointment. But I've also picked up an herb to keep that from happening again. I think the reason I'm hurting this week is the terribl posture I've been in for the training the last few days and the stall of my progress during my last session. It seems that the curve at the base of ribcage doesn't want to let go. I will defeat it next time, let me tell you. This inability to sit without hurting is getting old. But then again, that's what my new balance ball is for. It'll be nice to give up my chair for that thing. If I ever get it inflated all the way.

Of course, I'm going to aggravate it again when we pull up the carpet this weekend. Carpet, padding and tackboard are all going so we can vacuum, wash the walls, paint and put down the new floor. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. And during all that I'm going to get the replacement hard drive (Son of a bitch shorted on me while I was installing the last upgrade after fighting the bastard all day. I was so angry I nearly threw the thing into the trash right there) and get the server back up so I can track our myriad projects properly. There's so much to do!
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