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(no subject)

Some days I feel like the cat in the box in an experiment. Others, it's like I'm the control cat - there's no opening on the box and they're testing to see how long until I give up struggling.

Of course, that thought is unrelated to most of what's going on in my life. I'm doing physical therapy for my back now - at least an hour a week. It's made life much easier and I'm making progress. Sitting on this balance ball instead of a chair helps a lot too. There was also a bit of excitement when we though that the husband might get a job in Oregon and we'd be moving. But that fell through. Which is, of course, good and bad as we're still putting the house back together, but I'd really like to start over. And moving out of state would let me switch careers and not feel guilty.

There is more, but I'm always busy when I'm at work and I can hardly stand to look at a computer when I get home. So it's difficult to post.

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That's a pity, m'dear. I enjoy your posts. . .

DAMMIT, you beat me to it.

Well, I am a physicist.

Uh, no. The other one. That's supposed to find it's way out of the box because cat's are smart. Man, you physicists do weird things.

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