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(no subject)

I am super-cranky-fire-them-now-bitch today. I'm sick of people getting away with shit. So I'm yelling at everyone. It's kind of fun. And rather disturbing that I like it so much.

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Maybe you should be a part-time dominatrix

Meh - there is something very freeing about getting stuff like that off your chest. Not that I'd want to work for scary yelling lady, but I dig.

I don't normally have to yell, but today the stupidity level is extrodinarily high. Of course, it doesn't keep me from wanting to help them when I can, it just means the line in the sand is closer to their feet than it normally is.

I'm sorry, hon. Wish I could fix it.

Thank you. I love that those things are short term. Aaaah, the power of posting. :)

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