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What the...?

I married a very strange man. Sometimes I forget this. That's about when I'm reminded, forcibly, by something odd he does. But then again, I like him odd. Take the commute the other day.

We're driving along the freeway, getting on the offramp for the park and ride we use to get him the rest of the way to work. We're motoring along, not speaking but listening to my iPod play some random song I've never heard from. It's pretty disco, but I'm enjoying it. I start to say something when he bursts out.

"Woca jawoca."

I look over at him. "What?" I'm pretty sure he's trying to say something about Chewbacca, but I'm not sure. And of course, I'm trying to navigate the offramp and not get us killed.

The turn is smooth despite trying to figure out if he's speaking some foreign language, we're in the parking lot and stopped perpendicular to the spaces. It's just easier to drop him off this way, I can take right off again and it's pretty close to the bus shelters. I've completely forgotten what I was going to say and am waiting for an explanation of his mangling of a familiar name. I look over at him. "What the heck did you say?"

He's gathering up his backpack from the car and climbing out. "Oh, this song. It's just really 70's and reminded me of a TV show. You know, wocajawoca."

I'm fairly sure that "wocajawoca" is his sound for disco music. I'm going to have to remember that.

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It can be multipurpose. Disco music and porn music!

See, I always think of bowchickawowow as porn music. I've had my horizons broadened this week!

Ah. That makes sense. I kind of hear the wocajawoca going on behind and around the bowchickawowow. A layered sort of sound, you know.

I really must remember not to put anything in my mouth when I'm getting ready to read one of your replies. I always end up spitting it out or choking on it.

I can't decide whether that's good or bad.


Re: mandatory response

Is this the part where the doorbell rings and the three women wearing only towels rush to let the cabel repair guy in?


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