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I'm trying really hard not to drop into a funk. OK, I'm not trying as hard as I should, but I'm trying a little bit. I really want to quit my job today and I'm really sad and frustrated. I've finally put my finger on the point of my job issues. Of course it doesn't help any that I'm obsessed with the idea that "you can have happiness or power but not both."

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It doesn't mean don't work at all. It means find the right kind of job. I'm still in my area of expertise with this job, but I don't have the same kinds of pressures and stressors that I had in any of my old jobs. I took a pay cut, but I had to decide that the money was less important than the time. Eventually, I hope the money will come back . . .at least to a certain degree.

I'm not lloking all or nothing yet, but I'm struggling with how many hours are too many. And at this point, 40 seems to be too many unless I find my dream job. Which doesn't seem likely as I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

But I'm branching out, trying to look at things that will let me work for the kind of company I can stand with hours that make my goals for the future doable. There are a lot of variables in the equation right now, I'm working on reducing them one at a time.

All or nothing would be really hard.

So really, is it less about the hours and more about the job itself and it's eating of your brain? 'Cause that sounds like jobswitch time to me.

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