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I now have my work armor on, known as a thin layer of makeup. Sucky though it is, my day has gone back to normal. But I am making inroads into projects I'd hoped to ignore. I am in a better mood now that I've adjusted to the change in schedule. I don't know why that throws me for a loop, but it always does. And it always takes time to adjust. I think I'm worse than the cats some days. I rely upon my routine and being able to expect what's supposed to happen next.

But in a small way, this is a good thing. I have decided that I'm going to quit my job. I thought long and hard about what the timing should be, and I think I've settled on January. Of course, there is always room for changing the plan should soemthing spectacular pop up between now and then, but making this decision has lifted the load of waiting from my shoulders.

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Thank you. I feel so empowered today. I love it. :)

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