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(no subject)

Today I'm in a much better headspace than yesterday. It seems that I let frustration get the better of me. Hitting red tape at every turn is bad, but shouldn't send me into such a funk. I gave my job way too much power over me. But today I've taken it back and put the whiny child away. I have about 3 plans on getting where I want to be, all of them in the 5 year range. And it seems that things just keep getting better. It's like the path before me is finally clearing up now that I'm not struggling against it. Like I'm headed toward what I'm meant to do, what will make me happiest. It's a wonderful feeling. I really like this new stepping-stone philosophy of existence. Remind me to explain it some day.

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That is just super, and I don't even mean it in a sarcastic way. Wait, now that sounded sarcastic. But it wasn't. Arg.

That's ok, I know you're sincere. All the time. Oh wait, that *was* sarcastic. ;)

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