savannah (onsafari) wrote,

An easy Flyday
1) What is the worst car accident you've ever been in?
I was on my bike in 7th grade and was hit by a car. I managed to dent the car pretty good and break my collar bone. I did manage to keep all my fingers though, thank goodness I never learned to ride that 12 speed hunched over.

2) Have you had an accident where you were totally at fault?
Yeah, I hit a car in a parking lot. I was sick, and the lot was at the doctors office. So really, I blame the medicine. But since that would only get me in more trouble, we'll leave that out.

3) One where they were at fault?
See #1.

4) Ever hit an inanimate object?
See #2. Yes, the car was parked. Oops.

5) Ever watch someone else hit an inanimate object?
Not quite. Nearly watched a guy plow into the jersey barrier on the freeway one time, but he managed to pull it out before impact.
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