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I'm run down. There's not a lot to do at work right now. I depend largely on other people and their projects to push my workload, and everything is stalled with end-of-the-year vacations and such. So now I'm all caught up on the things I'd been pushing off due to other commitments, and I'm wondering what to do with myself. My husband is at home working on putting the molding up in the living room, playing with the mitre saw and the air nailer. I wish I were there helping him. Instead, I'm here trying not to pass out from residual dehydration and vitamin deficiencies.

That probably deserves explanation. Saturday was the big Christmas party, and yes there was lots of drinking. On what started out as empty stomachs, this was not good. The Candy Cane martini I had was like the devil incarnate - foul smelling, tasting, and way too alcoholic for any hope at sobriety. I wouldn't recommend it. The zombies were much better, although just as alcoholic. At least they tasted good. I'll have to get the recipe sho I can share it.

Sunday was my family's Christmas celebration. Fantastic spaghetti and other Italian foods. I had my first brush with Fried Green Tomatos - it was like pickled fire. Horrible. That can't be what they're all like.. aren't they supposed to be a delicacy or something? This thing was repulsive. Anyway, we managed to mostly stay within the $20 limit and as a result enjoyed the holiday much more. It's really much more fun to buy stuff on a whim than when obligated by a holiday that doesn't really mean anything. It's been a pretty good holiday so far. Thursday we leave for the other side of the mountains to go see the other half of the family. As long as we're not in the pass after dark, it should be just as good.
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