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One of the things that we received Christmas Day (it was done before, but since we were going over, they held it to give to us in person) was a book Grandpa T had put together telling the story of his early years. He titled it "Dumb but Fun." It's wonderful. I was only able to read the first paragraph before my huband swiped it to read through the whole thing. It's told just as he would tell the story out loud, you can hear his voice telling the story through the words on the page. It looks as though he spent lots of time researching the places he'd visited on the internet - there are pictures and histories in his narrative. I wish that we had one of these for all of the grandparents, it's really too bad that mine are gone and we'll never get to hear most of their stories. It will be great to share this treasure with the next generation.

In fact, he's given me an example to follow. I really want this to be a place I can look back and gather material for a memoir if I ever feel the need to put one together. That means I'm going to have to put a little more thought into the entries I publish. Trust me, that's a good thing.
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