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(no subject)

I've been in super-cute mode all day. It's very strange to be in such a mode, particularly as I tend to be an old frump. But somehow I managed to get new stylish clothes and I'm wearing them all at the same time. I think there must be some sort of vortex over my house to allow this to happen. The really weird part is that the glasses I'm wearing this week don't even ruin the effect. Damned bad lighting in here.

Anyway, today has been a fairly big waste. I spent time working on my DNS server and managed to hose it up, tsking down my website and </a></b></a>pygma_lion's. Annoying. But my wonderful husband fixed it, so now all I have to do is wait for propagation. Feh. Why is it so much more fun to work on my server at home than the ones here at work?

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It appears that I am becoming more and more of a schlepp ever day.

Wait, what? Please explain.

Schlepp - mousy. Lazy. Wearing bad ensembles.

I doubt that. But then, most of the "stylish" suff isn't really designed for winter conditions up by you, is it.

Not expecially, though the real fashionistas can do amazing things with the standard uniform of sweater and denim.

I am wearing a size too large lavender cotton shirt (long sleeved, of course) and brown cords. W00t all over my sexy behind. ;-}

But lavender! In the winter! Very daring. ;) My super-cuteness consisted of a black sweater with buttons all up one side (waaay out of the ordinary for me) and jeans with some strategic fading. Oh, plus the crazy flowery socks. I'm breaking all the molds! Or something.

I think that is super-cute. I've recently developed an attachment to decorative socks. I've no idea why, but there you have it.

The only problem with decorative socks is that then you want to display them. I go shoeless around the office a shocking amount of time.

It's a shoeless kind of office here, too.

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