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(no subject)

I am having a terrible time focusing today. I had horrible dreams about kittens being killed and now I'm tired and apathetic. I would really like to be able to focus, to care about something, but it seems I'm drained of all emotion. I can't even focus on the coversations around me to care that they're annoying, I just hear the voice droning in the background, sort of like a codeine buzz. I will kickstart my brain. I will.

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Try making a list. That sometimes helps me, if it's the right list.

Things you want to do in Vegas?
Places in the world you want to visit?
Dansko shoes you want to buy?
Features of your dream house?

Just a thought.

Or you could run around your workplace waving your arms over your head like a monkey and shouting "VEGAS!" over and over.

Yeah, you're funny. Those lists are actually much more exciting than the one sitting next to me, which is the things I'm supposed to be working on. I'm ignoring it very well.

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